digboi memories

reaching upto you was my dream
driving with my family down the ridges
streets that gently whispered, like air so freshly fallen in winter
was all i can picture it even now

that “never let go” feeling brought me in december
every road turn my dad took, every hustle down the street
skipped up my heartbeat
all just to give you my presence

comfort went on, my heart so pure
met you the long way and i thought sparks would fly
what made you think you cant get rid of me
trust is the only thing that brought fear

you turned your back in span of two years
acted like i never existed, perhaps blind was the only line
all i expected was a rainbow, not dust
dear if you know, that desire spoke for my innocence

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hi everyone

me coming back after a year now, almost, cause the last time i wrote was on my birthday month
do people now even have to check out writings? read them in detail? do people even care

i missed everyone who made interactions with my on this wordpress journey
– 🌻


The world in extreme turmoil with the increasing Covid 19 cases. The world needs peace…

Wishing to bring it by poetry.

serendipity #tranquilty #covid19

Before the twilight falls
All that she hopes is to walk away
Beyond the horizon where sunshine calls
Before this sheer rush turns her cold

Maybe to seek for a place
Gently urging towards skyfall
To move out of this war
Find the brighter side in haze
Somewhat to be like a Fontana…

3rd World War?

Reminiscing the present, I’ll let you know,
The world in its flaws
Vanishing hopes, struggling faces
Was it ever forseen in your vision?

For I’ll let you know
This deadly killer “corona” as it is called so
Regenerating at its swiftest pace
Utters turn to cries, cries turn to roars
It’s uncontrollable, we lack swords
The land of luxury, the land of castles
A situation of turmoil, increasing number of obstacles

Should we revive history?
Never expected a combat, bloodshed in memory
All that we leave for the generations are scars
Would you call this a 3rd World War?

Stay healthy, Stay Safe 🌻

Her Crown

At the lambent stars she gazes upon,
A hustle of doubt in her heart
An enchanted feeling within
She wasn’t really bewildered
Hoping to rise again
Fairy dust, fireflies brighten the evening
Starlight flickering straight at her eye
Her lashes closed slowly, she didn’t weep
Whisper of a shooting star
She smiled…
Happy to be in her own crown again!

Better Than Revenge

Added as a member on the 31st
For the pleasure of Halloween
Left out proudly on the 7th
69 hooligans ranked me less than a queen

Every minute, they create is a shitty mess
Way too proud of themselves; poorly without sense
Well, I’ve never been fragile
Always stronger than their perfume.

My polite attitude was a poison to them
My aura was halfway destroyed,
By their ugly and dark intentions
Cause HOOLIGANTRESS’S head got paranoid

They are “hoes” without feelings;
I’m not a fool to be trapped on their “Uri Tarded”
Perhaps this poem is beyond their approach
Cause what kills me inside is LAWRENCIUM COCKROACH!

Shout-out to my haters!


Winter stars falling in my view
It’s only the blue sky apart
Cause the month is brand new
Am I ready with a Christmas card?

Let this be the moment
For the dew, mist, haze & snow
Bells ringing down my apartment
Greetings, hug, kisses and a gentle bow

Feel the joy; of course not the cold!
At this hour of time, I daydream hard
Fearing for December’s departure though
Is not in my thoughts
As I promise to celebrate Christmas under the mistletoe!

Maybe A Wish? ðŸŒ 

You’re definitely the shooting star
Kinda bright, fainting apart
It’s in my clear vision
All the reminiscence you’ve brought in the season

Lash of an eye twinkles
And when you fade, it drizzles
Hearts been left reluctantly lonely
The turquoise sky looks dreamy

It’s surely not the moment tonight
Shooting star, how do you even appear?
Room created in my heart, for your arrival
Words only explained in silence

Nothing’s over now
Is this only what we’ve left?
Like a moment for bliss
Maybe a wish?

18th October 💝

Just wanted to express “birthday wishes” to the most loved one 🍰

Wise words, universe, cosmic entity,
The letters that matter
Undoubtedly binds him completely,
Causes the bewildered soul’s doubt to shatter.

He’s my knock at the door;
At the time, very right
Could explain things taking me for a world tour,
He has already driven away the dark night;
My bewildered soul sees only daylight

It’s his day, his moment, his golden hour
The angels probably showers him all the glitters,
Almighty already wishing luck from the tallest tower;
Through all ways, his good luck charm twinkles!
As at this very special moment,
We celebrate his BIRTHDAY!


Tring! Tring! Goes the bell
A giant figured, red moustached enters,
Turning the classroom to a hell.
A dreadful sum took its place on the board
As our minds switched on to the dreaming mode.

A common fantasy we share
To meet the young athlete we care,
The dashing player never failing on his way
Captivating our dreams on this day.

Now our thoughts move on to Wonderland of achievements,
We as first rankers in class
Cracking the sports, making a blast,
All the trophies we win, all the medals,
We top in every battles!

Our dreams show the pressure world,
The fat guy with his fat Math Book
Raising his knowledge sword!
Solving the problem that no one could,
Eww! His nerdish look.

The laughing gang took a catchy attention,
The straight haired girl, cracking jokes
The yellow batched captain, with the backbenchers
Annoying all the teachers,
And the innocent white toned girl,
Companying them in their mysterious fun.

The “three best friends”
Getting along together with musical trends
The curly haired rapper, being the leader,
They aren’t aware of anything
Cause all just they know is BLACKPINK!

Ego, fights and dark jokes common in class,
Miss Americana and the Once in a Blue Moon Prince,
The fighters arising at last.
Prince will always claim he’s right
Miss will scold all day to grab the second seat tight!

Alas! How poor we are in thoughts,
Our pages filled with incomplete notes
The dreadful sum seems totally unsolvable.
As it stood still like a quote.

A second COLLAB with


Dedicated to my class 10 batch mates