In the mist of heavy running fog
I felt completely lost
An empty space, more like a vacuum
No mild dreams, no strong feelings
This moment lacked even love
That might have healed my anxiety
A vision of future, searching for hope
Was clouded, crowded and disturbed by even more fog…

Sounds I Heard

At the centre of the Earth
I stood,
To hear the great voices of nature.
The only sound that goes,
When fairywren moves its toes
The little resonate that echoes,
When lavendary petals close
The cry of the newly born creatures
Met over the horizon
To create the most pleasant music in my ears

At the peak of the mountain
My heart finally meets sky’s soul
Boldly I stood
To hear the great words by nature
The sound of lengthiest sea waves
The strong whispers of fast flowing waterfalls
Two clouds collide, the cry of thunder arise
The roar of angriest beasts
Met altogether as one strong uproar
Gathering strength in my heart’s core

The dual personality of nature
Gentle and calm, valorous and lionhearted
This is where the meaning is to be searched
This is how life goes…

Spring Vibes

This month has arrived finally
Brightening up our moods too early
As we keep warm expectations in our heart
As only spring could express nature’s art

Calmly and gently, the cuckoos spread melody in air
Awakening nature’s cycle fair
The world coming to life once again
Leaving into dust, all the bruises and pain

Blue orchids, saffron daises, and yellow roses
Bloom with ultimate grace
Taking the utmost sip of pleasure
The fresh tender branches of trees concomitanting for sure…

Haunted Wood

I visit this wood once on a full moon-night
When everything is quiet and air seems tight
There’s utmost darkness, there’s utmost silence
The sight of full moon in perfect clearance

Slowly and steadily at the same time
Not voices, but whispers stood at distant
Strange eyes blink twice
Whispers turn to talking,
Talking turns to screams
Gradually, yet suddenly
The wolves appear right in
Scrambling behind the bushes,

The moonlight aglows even brighter
As the wolves stand on their feet as attackers
The bats soar high, flying with nasty chirps
Don’t forget the bloody dances of lemurs!
The Ghost Moths, the Ghost Snakes and the Ghost Frogs
All curl up together behind the dark fog

I visit this wood everyday on full moon night
When everything is spooky and cold
A place that is scary and unknown
To meet the beasts and many stories untold!

Moonlightless Sky!

How pale is our sky without moonlight!
Not even the stars can brighten our smile;
Are those imagined dreams worthwhile,
To make them stay with us until twilight?
There’s no hope, there’s no light.

My heart says to be bold in this beautiful wilderness,
Even though sky cries, swollen clouds bring rain
All I worry is what it will become of us…
If that moon hiding from us won’t shine again!

How dark is our sky without moonlight!
It feels so troublesome in darkness…
While there’s sunshine everywhere else;
Have we ever thought that life is not perfect happiness?
Taking what it gives is very wise, even though we miss
The lovely moments that should be ours tonight!

How dull is our sky without moonlight
Keeping our minds unhappy and untight,
The sky weeps for quite a long,
Accompanying the twinkling stars along
The universe is just so incomplete,
Without the moon around to compete!

Sunflower Blooms

You make me perplexed and bewildered.
How could you be standing after a storm?
When others have been trampled, wounded and torn
Without any sign of fear or hesitation,
You shine so bold and bright
Still reaching for the sun

Probably you’re sunflower
Beautiful and bold, loyal and trusting
Just like a treasure untold,
So much power,
You carry in your heart,
Facing the rain without falling apart

You’ve risen above the sadness and pain
When others have been beaten, or fallen again,
But you keep your color all through the fight,
Still reaching for the sun
Standing upright like a beacon of courage for everyone.

Dandelion & Wind

On a woody branch of banyan,
I see a tiny dandelion
It appears fragile but is indeed very beautiful
Having being showered by many weeks of sunshine, it looks fruitful
It nurtures each of it’s thread petals it owns

The sudden arrival of wind frightens her
The wind blows ferociously without any sense to bother
The dandelion struggles hard to protect her baby petals
Shedding a tear, fighting like rebels

Gradual in manner the wind becomes
The dandelion stops through it’s struggles and overcomes
It leaves a huge breath of relief
As it’s heart fills up entirely with grateful belief